The “Amuta Leeuwarden” Foundation

The interior of the former Leeuwarden synagogue, including 6 Torah scrolls with beautiful silverware, the holy ark with lamp and star of David, 2 parochet curtains and also one from Sneek, the bima, 2 glass leaded windows, the seat of the chief rabbi and pulpit, 10 silver and 8 copper candle sticks, 5 small and 1 large candeliers, 2 Omer plaques, a copper menorah (from Sneek), 3 copper donation boxes , 2 copper Torah scroll standards, mitsva plaques and a marble table (disappeared since), was donated in 1965 to Kfar Batya, because of the good contacts of then director Nathan Dasberg, brother of the former chief rabbi of Leeuwarden Simon Dasberg, with the Leeuwarden community.

The “Amuta Leeuwarden” (founded March 9, 1998, in Jerusalem) has been established because after nearly 40 years of intensive use by the youth of Kfar Batya, it became clear that maintenance and restoration was necessary.

Its aims are:

  • Maintenance and restoration of the Leeuwarden legacy in Kfar Batya.
  • To commemorate the Leeuwarden Jewish Community and the 1338 Frisian born Shoah victims and the victims born else, deported from Friesland.
  • Support publications, lectures and studies about the history, genealogy and culture of the Frisian Jews.
  • Support contacts between Kfar Batya and the remains of the Leeuwarden and Frisian Jewish communities.

Thanks to donations of members of the Amuta, the Dolman funds, the Maror funds, and others, the Amuta was in a position to restore the Torah scrolls with the silverware, the seat of the chief rabbi, parochet curtains, renew stolen candle sticks, build special security glass show windows for the silverware and books about Leeuwarden and Friesland, in the library of Kfar Batya.
For the 200 years celebration on March 10/11 2005 a new parochet curtain or the Holy Ark and a memorial plaque , carrying the texts “For this youngster I prayed”, chosen by the students of Kfar Batya [1Samuel 1:27] and “see your son lives” chosen by the Amuta [1Kings 17:23] will be donated. Both texts relate to the text on the plaque on the wall of the Jewish Dusnus school in Leeuwarden “the child is no more” [Genesis 37:30] showing the grief of the Leeuwarden Community after the Shoah of the loss of their children. The youth of Kfar Batya brought new life and neshama (soul) to the synagogue.

Genealogical data about the Jews of Friesland will soon be published on the website of the Center for Research on Dutch Jewry in Jerusalem:; while some material can be seen on the website of Tresoar (the formerFrisian State Archive): The story of the founders of the Leeuwarden Community can be found in the Fall 2004 issue of the International Review of Jewish Genealogy “Avotaynu”.

For the history of the Frisian Jews H. Beem’s “De Joden van Leeuwarden” and “De Joodse gemeente te Sneek”; Sal de Jongs “Joods Leven in de Friese hoofdstad; M.H. Gans’ Memorbook of Dutch Jewry; J. & D. Michman and H.Beem’s “Pinkas, Kehillot Holland/Geschiedenis van de Joodse Gemeenschap”; S. van der Woude & Sjoerd de Haan’s “Drie eeuwen Joods Leven in Friesland”; W.M. Doopers “De Joden van Bolsward” ;F.L. Schoustra’s serie of articles “Vijftien Jaar Joods Leven in Leeuwarden 1930-1945” in “’T Kleine Krantsje” between May 1987 and August 1989 ;and Rev. Ype Schaafs “Goeie Schoure & Treife Schoure“ and “Laarzen op de Lange Pijp, Leeuwarden in de Tweede Wereldoorlog” can be recommended.

For the victims of the Shoah, The Resistance Museum of Friesland in Leeuwarden has made a monument with all the names , and also a book with their details. “In Memoriam 1940-1945” and the website of the Center for Research on Dutch Jewry (see above) also contain all their names and data.

Chaim Caran

Amuta Leeuwarden Rehov HaNamer 7/7 Jerushalayim 96954
Sander Duparc, president; Leni Dwir secretary; Alfred Cohen treasurer; Smuel Dwir, Jacob Landesman, Esther Cohen, Arjon Cohen and Chaim Caran members.
Bank account nr. 020523/19 Bank Leumi ,branch 10/797 , 20 Shai Agnonstreet Jerusalem 93589 ; swift code : Lumi il itint